Chrisbon Business Services Agency, a Moscow, Russia-based affiliate of The Global Ventures Group (CIS) Ltd, whose areas of interests include provision of professional investment advisory&consultancy services, as well as media, public-relations and related services and translation and editing services to individuals and corporations in Russia and across the other CIS states.

Basically, our comprehensive business services portfolio is, for practical purposes, subdivided into the underlisted categories to enable perspective clients easily navigate and locate their needed services as quickly as possible:

  • Texts ranslations and editing services: These include translations from and to key major international languages. Russia’s rising status as a major business destination for international investors has underscored the acute need for professional translations of texts 
  • and other business materials into major languages used in international trade and global economy and editing them to the highest of international standards. For more details, see Translations and Editing Services.
  • Investment advisory and consultancy services: Specially customized to meet each client’s specific needs, these services range from securing short-. mid- to long-term investments and other funding capital, such as debt, to companies resident in Russia and other CIS states For more details, see Investment Advisory & Consultancy Services.
  • PR, media relations and corporate communications strategies: In an era driven by information technologies and innovative gadgets, the creation of reliable, positive results-oriented and clients-friendly corporate communications strategies is no longer a luxury, but an absolute daily routine necessity for companies that have the right products and services to offer to today’s increasingly demanding consumers. This is where Chrisbon Business Services Agency comes into the equation with its expertise and unparalleled insight of the local CIS markets, as it does not only offer the right recipes for reaching targeted audiences, but in the process effectively becomes a part of its clients’ marketing and PR departments in joint searches for the most effective use of its clients’ resources in the fields of PR, media relations and corporate communications strategies. For more details, please, click here or go to the Contact section at the right-hand corner of this page.
  • Undergraduate and postgraduate educational services: These include, but are not limited to, helping foreign students secure admissions into major Russian universities to pursue undergraduate and postgraduate courses to fulfill their life aspirations in their chosen fields of education at affordable rates. For more details, see Undergraduate and Postgraduate Courses Services.

With an impeccable track operations record spanning several years and a team of professionals that combine their extensive international experiences with unparalleled local knowledge, expertise and business insight in their respective fields, Chrisbon Business Services Agency has grown to become a pacesetter on the Russian domestic business services market. This is evident in the roaster of clients today, which include individuals, local and international corporations that are leaders in their respective industries in Russia, other CIS states and beyond.

Therefore, if you, your friends or acquaintances are in urgent need of any of the above-listed services, then your best choice in Russia is Chrisbon Business Services Agency. We are on standby to offer clients professional services in the above-listed spheres customized to help them meet other private and business needs in Russia and across the CIS. 


Chrisbon Business Services Agency

a subsidiary of The Global Ventures Group (CIS) Ltd